Cambridge Technology

In our Cambridge program we incorporate a variety of technology. Our knowledge of technology has grown over the school year with the help of our teachers in Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. In the Cambridge program we learn to fly drones and work diligently with Vex EDR and IQ Robots we build ourselves.  In addition to building robots, we program them using RobotC and other coding platforms to prepare them for competition.

In Cambridge we learn how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  This allows us to learn some basics about these programs that will help us know important tech skills needed for the future.  “What I like about my technology group, is that I get to work with robots and much more technology” says student Lazaro Gonzalez.  “I work with robots and on tablets using Microsoft Office. We use these robots to complete obstacle courses and picking up different objects.”

In our Cambridge we use an online website builder called WordPress.  This online website builder allows the user to create a online website.  We also utilize a number of technology based assessment tools.  We incorporate into our lessons and presentations online tools program called Socrative and Kahoots. These online programs lets you set up a test online instead of on paper.

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