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What makes the people-to-people connection work though, is that, as we humbly realize in the end, we gain as much as we give.

– Cartpay Inc.

Welcome to Cambridge Global! A global education opens students’ eyes and minds to the reality of the globalized world and enlightens them about a world of greater justice and fairness for all. In 1994 while working as an international volunteer, Mr. Reid met a volunteer named Jana Kurnatowski in Germany.  They soon lost contact after that event, but met again in 2014 via Facebook. When Mr. Reid found out that she recently became a teacher and her kids were in the same age group as his new Cambridge students, he decided to invite her and her class to created a cultural exchange group.  The Waldorf School Kreuzberg is a two-stream integrative comprehensive school that wants to promote their students throughout the breadth of their skills and talents.

Over the next three years, the American and German group will collaborate on a variety of assignments and projects designed to teach one another about the history and culture of their home countries.


Equity in Education Project

vauxhill2-255x150Paul W. Bell Cambridge students while under the guidance of Florida International University student-teachers collaborated with student attending the Vauxhall Secondary School in Kingston, Jamaica and investigated problems in their communities.

In effort to share information concerning these problems, Paul Bell Cambridge student created four short videos: “Park Bathroom”, “Littering Situation”, “Animal Problems”, and “Sweetwater Security”.  Presented here is a series of interviews that highlight the making of the four videos and the overall impact the Equity in Education project has had on Paul Bell students.

Equity in Education Videos

  “Animal Problems”  –  “Park Bathrooms”  –  “Littering Situation”  –  “Sweetwater Security

Equity in Education: The Making of a Project


Model United Nations








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