Cambridge Academics

2015-01-21 15.14.58The PBMS Cambridge program offers a variety of academic activities throughout its classes.  These include both traditional and online assignments that allow students to think both critically and creatively. Whether using pen and paper, or tablets and computers, students build models, design webpages, teach lessons, create their own quizzes, and plan out their own curriculum.

The program features academic assignments that utilizes an array of technology for completing both homework and classwork.  Student use Microsoft One Drive, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note, and Word to make puzzles, take notes, and help learn their vocabulary in an entertaining way.

Our Cambridge program utilizes online technology to keep track of the homework assignments, projects, and school related events.  Rigorous assignments help to ensure that PBMS Cambridge students are prepared to meet the challenging demands they will later face in a high school level Cambridge program.  The ultimate goal of the program is to open students’ minds and help them prepare for the challenges of becoming greater thinkers and leaders throughout their home and learning communities.

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